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The Credibility Post

July 14, 2011 Leave a comment

I’m not joking.  In an earlier post, A Preview of What’s to Come,  I mentioned a certain type of pointless memoir that was the driving force behind this blog.  The post featured a generic example of the memoir type that I find every month in the monthly download of new books to come.  This month’s pointless book is called–in it’s entirety–Raven’s Gift: A Scientist, a Shaman, and their Remarkable Journey through the Siberian Wilderness by Jon Turk.  From the NLS annotation:

The Raven's Gift

Book Turd, by Jon Turk

Scientist and adventurer Turk [always with the author’s last name]explores connections between the natural and spiritual realms as he examines the trajectory of his life.  Describes meeting Moolynaut, a Koryak shaman, while kayaking from Japan to Alaska in 2000.  Discusses her guidance on relieving his pain and her lessons about the “other world.” 2009

For realsies?  Why?  For what purpose?  I’m assuming that upon finishing this page turner that I’ll become complete and understand the trajectory of my own life.  Or, at the least, understand lessons about the “other world.”  And, just how did he meet this shaman while Kayaking from Japan to Alaska (wait, JAPAN to ALASKA)?  I’m picturing Moolynaut floating by on a raft in some sort of mystically adorned shaman-tent.  Turk raises his hand to hail her, “Excuse me, can you possibly spare some time to define ME?”

So, yeah, I don’t make this crap up.  While the library is a wondrous place…probably the best place to spend some free time…you really should be mindful of where you step.  There’s lots of good stuff, but there are also piles of crap all over the place.  I’m starting to think that the “raven’s gift” might be a steaming pile and that Jon Turk should be fined for not cleaning up after this turd with one of those little mutt mitts that they keep at the dog park.