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On Annotations: Oh. My. Goodness.

December 13, 2011 Leave a comment Go to comments

Sandra; Ms. Brown if you're nasty.

Wow.  It’s that time of the month again: cataloging time!  And, boy-oh-boy, this one just begged to be made fun of.  Actually, upon reading the annotation, my initial response was, “well, that could have been worded differently.”  This week’s offering is a romance novel by Sandra Brown called Tempest in Eden.  From the NLS annotation (brace yourselves people):

When divorced artist’s model Shay Morrison, who poses nude, meets her new step-brother, minister Ian Douglas, he makes clear his disapproval for her lack of modesty.  Annoyed, Shay decides to seduce him–only to fall in love.  Explicit descriptions of sex. 1996

Oh my goodness’ sake.  I’m assuming that Shay and Ian are adults, or let’s just say, I’m really hoping that they are adults.  As such, is it really fair to refer to them as step-siblings at this point in their lives?  The annotation refers to him as her “new” step-brother, and in the vernacular, I take for granted that “new” refers to them being introduced recently.  And, as adults, they really aren’t necessarily brother and sister; “step” or otherwise.

If you check out the description of this title on the Amazon link it simply says:

This novel follows the growing relationship between Shay Morrison, a nude model for artists, and Ian Douglas, a conservative minister who disapproves of her lifestyle but cannot resist her.

So, for once, I have to lay the blame with the person at NLS who entered this record.  You really should have thought about adding a few words to your description.  I mean, I’ve seen much longer annotations, so I know you all aren’t paying by the word.   A very simple, and easier to palate, wording could be “…meets the son of her mother’s new husband…” and you take all of the “ick” factor out of this novel.  I forgot to mention that; my issue with this annotation is all about the “ick” I felt after my “oh my goodness” reaction.

This unfortunate annotation just goes from bad to worse in the course of one wordy sentence followed by an equally idiotic short sentence.  We’re told immediately, and without preamble, that that nasty little nude model Shay is going to seduce her step-brother.  Okay, forget the “ick” factor; this is so wrong it’s starting to feel right.   I’m not gonna lie; the fact that Sanctimonious Ian is a minister only makes things hotter.  What’s that Sandra Brown?  Explicit descriptions of sex?  Yes please!

Before I get completely off track and set this laptop on fire, let me point out the really offensive part of this poorly written annotation.  Prior to the laptop-melting dirty parts, I originally thought that there was a divorced artist whose model, Shay, was in the process of meeting her new step-brother and…  I was like, what does this damn divorced artist have to do with this book?  Huh?  Wait, did that just use the words seduce, step-brother, nude, and explicitOh my goodness.

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