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A preview of what’s to come.

As it is the weekend, and I’m not planning on coming in contact with many of my beloved “turds” (as in, “oh, boy, that sounds like a real turd”) I think I’ll give you some idea of where I’m coming from with these books.

So let’s say I’m cataloging and I come across a book with an annotation like this:

Richardson [always with the author’s last name], a gay marathon runner, describes her journey to northern Africa to identify the origins of her inheritance–a set of silver drinking cups given to her by her mother on her deathbed.  The mysterious Arabic symbols on the the cups puzzled the author and pushed her to the journey that would change her life and lead her to her current fascination with snowboarding.

So, each on their own, these ideas could be interesting.  Lesbians, long distance runners, antique collecting, travel, snowboarding…all relevant individually.  But, mashed all together in one book just creates a big old messy turd squashed between two pieces of cardboard–AKA–a book.

You think I’m joking, Gentle Reader, but I assure you that I. Am. Not.  I run into crap like this on a regular basis.  And this is just an only semi-exaggerated example of a biography.  Just wait until I start posting some of the Sci-fi/fantasy turds that come my way.

For me, I think I get riled up about these book turds because by the time they get to me, they were double vetted–first by the original publisher, and then by the collection development team at the NLS.  I’m left thinking…really?

*Note: the collection development team at the NLS is a group of really fantastic people.  I’ve met them all personally and they are super cool; when I criticize these books that they choose for audio I am NOT criticizing them.

Book subject matter comes in all shapes and sizes.  As a librarian, I would be really remiss if I didn’t point out that not all subject matter is interesting to everyone all the time.  My opinion is just that…my opinion.  If you disagree with a book-turd that I highlight here…please speak up!

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